Comming back to India..!!

Finally I am now back to India arrived after almost 12 hours of tiring Emirates flight with a stopover in Dubai of 4 hours.

I was literally dead tired and sleep deprived for 2 days. A day before the anxiety of going back had made my night sleepless and stopover in Dubai at night made it impossible for us to get any sleep.

As we landed in India the feeling was of a relief. The first smell of the air outside of Mumbai airport was that of something known and was totally an overwhelming feeling.


Outside Mumbai Airport

From Mumbai airport we sat in the car on our way back to Pune the sight of the highways from Mumbai to Pune.

Way from Mumbai to Pune

Way from Mumbai to Pune

We did take a small stop in between for a quick breakfast and had my very favorite Wada Pav which is a patty made of potato which we stuff in bun bread and eat. It’s my favorite every time I come back to India it is my must stopover.

Wada Pav

Wada Pav

I hope you guys enjoyed my short first post.

PS: I miss you guys and missing Germany already and this blog is dedicated to all my colleagues in Berlin who were more friends than colleagues  and my friends in Hamburg with whom I had best times that are my memories for life and could not be grateful enough for GGI who gave me family away from home.


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