The Scenic NH4 Highway – A weekend in Kolhapur

Since I have come back to India after living in Europe for many years and travelling through Europe extensively I have learnt to appreciate the natural beauty. Now after coming back, I have realized that even India is so very beautiful but I never recognized its beauty until now.

This weekend we were travelling to Kolhapur (a small town in Maharashtra) to visit in-laws. We were travelling from Pune to Kolhapur and the journey was so beautiful and scenic that I was mesmerized by the beauty and asked myself why I never saw this beauty before.

The best part of writing a blog is that you start carrying a camera with you and never want to miss a single moment worth documenting. So the beauty that I came across while travelling is captured just for you.


Scenic NH4 Highway from Pune to Kolhapur


NH4 Highway from Pune to Satara

The journey was so beautiful that we never even knew when we reached our destination.


On our way back – early morning fog


Mesmeric morning sky colors


Farms in small villages on our way back


View of farm


Pretty lake

I hope you enjoyed the visual feast and my small post. Please let me know your views and comments about this post.

You are my inspiration to keep on going….adding excitement to my day today life.


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